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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summers Used To Be Much Hotter in The US

One year ago this week, President Barack Obama waited for a hot day in Washington and hurriedly held an outdoor speech, where he could perspire, engage in third rate acting, and blame global warming.

The president might be surprised to learn that temperatures are normally hot in the summer. The graph below shows the annual percentage of US June temperatures above 100 degrees through the 21st of the month.

Prior to 1954, 100 degree June days were much more common, and this June has been below the 1895-2014 mean.



Anonymous said...

Don't get liberals started on global cooling.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness,because with the greatly increased population coupled with higher electricity costs the grid could never handle the 1950's heat.

Anonymous said...

Climatologists have zeroed in on the epicenter of global warming.

Pennsylvania Avenue in DC spews forth a simultaneous toxic mix of hot air and a torrent of bovine excrement, which is also above normal temps as it is exposed to the light of day. The combination spikes the measuring devices.

Anonymous said...

The only people that believe in global warming are low information voters and pseudo intellectuals. The rest of us have all heard this crap before..