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Thursday, June 26, 2014

One In Five Eligible Voters Went To Polls In Primary

The official numbers from state election officials confirm what many already knew, not a lot of people voted in the primary election.

With all but seven precincts reporting, the Maryland State Board of Elections reports 20.4-percent of eligible voters, one out of five went to the polls either Tuesday or during the early voting period.

That's down from the last gubernatorial primary in 2010 when the turnout was more than 25-percent.

Based on Percentages, the highest turnout was in Talbot County, where 35-percent of voters went to the polls, due in part to a hotly contested Republican Primary for State Senate. In that race, Delegate Addie Eckhardt defeated incumbent Republican Senator Richard Colburn. Colburn has been criticized by opponents for his divorce, after a highly publicized affair with a female aide.



Anonymous said...

The handout crowd will be out in full force come november Right Laura "The welfare queen“ mitchell.

Anonymous said...

10:39 - you're probably correct.
We need to outnumber 'them' in November - if we are to have any chance of taking our country back!

Anonymous said...

Meaning those that vote really do have a lot of power to make changes.
We will decide for those too lazy to get out and vote.

Anonymous said...

It appears Talbot was determined to change their senator. Good for them.

Anonymous said...

One In Five Eligible Voters Went To Polls In Primary, Two In Five Got Distracted On The Way There.

Anonymous said...

Time to make ridiculous hollow comments but no time to vote.That figures.