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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Monsanto Tries to Patent & Control Natural, Non-GMO Tomatoes

Monsanto manipulated documents to make the plant look ‘invented’..

In an appalling attempt to patent yet another seed, Monsanto has resorted to fraud to try to gain rights to a tomato which contains a naturally occurring resistance to a fungal disease called botrytis. The tomato is not genetically modified, but Monsanto manipulated documents to make the plant look ‘invented’by biotech when the plant’s true maker is Mother Nature, herself.

Representatives of No Patents on Seeds! have called attention to this shady play of the biotech industry to try to outrun their failing genetic experiments. The original tomatoes used for this patent came from the international gene bank in Gatersleben, Germany, and they have shown this resistance for ages, well before biotech started monkeying with our food supply.

“Because crossing tomatoes is not patentable, Monsanto deliberately rephrased the patent during the period of examination to make it appear as if genetic engineering was involved. However, careful reading of the patent shows that this is simply fraudulent. These tomatoes were not produced by transferring isolated DNA. The European Patent Office should have picked up on this,” says Christoph Then for No Patents on Seeds!. “This patent shows just how easy it is for companies like Monsanto to avoid existing prohibitions in patent law.”

Current patent law states that “essentially biological processes for the production of plants and animals” are excluded from patentability.



Anonymous said...

Thieves of the highest order. Monsanto is an evil giant run amok.

But in business news, Monsanto stocks up 25% over one year ago!

Anonymous said...

Monsanto gives to Norm Conways campaign.

Anonymous said...

^^ Sheep above me. GMO products have never been proven to be bad, or evil. Special interests scientists, who have been proven phony and fraudulent, manipulated rat tests, and you bought it.

Here's one for all the "organic lovers" out there. Did you know, I can buy a GMO seed, plant it and raise it "naturally", and still label it "Organic". Vice Versa... I can buy an "organic" seed, plant it in a soil consisting of artificial fertilizers, and treating with chemicals, and still get it labeled as "organic".

You are getting shammed by the FDA, and some farmers are making bank on your ignorance. Now, there are some farmers who are doing it right, but how do you know, since money covers all, in the political game?

Raise it yourself, know where it comes from, and save a ton of money. Stop being lazy and buying into the newest fad. You can have a successful garden and 6 chickens in a very small yards, and never have to worry about this again. Sure, it may interfere with who is doing what in Hollywood, but you'll get over it.

Anonymous said...

Get out from under your rock and get out and see how it works in the real world specially the world On Capital Hill 2:41.
First the USDA at the urging of Big Agri Business redefined terms such as natural, organic, free range, so yes the best is to grow you own or go directly to a farmer that you trust.
As far as the rat tests you mention, fact is it was the breed of rats in question and a few other factors in question but funny thing is Monsanto themselves used the same rats and controls when they funded a study and didn't have a problem.
The reason no negative studies are made public is because a company under federal law has a right to review and approve the release of any study under the trade secret laws.