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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Imagine that; Joey Biden is among the Super-Poor

Noah mentioned this in his piece about the ridiculous Democratic race to the bottom income bracket, but it deserves its own space. This kind of mess will continue to happen until reporters stop asking the question because there’s really no good answer. “Income inequality” is an evil of American society, according to the Democratic Party. In running against Republicans, especially Mitt Romney, every high-profile Democrat has made it his business to equate rich with evil. And, not just evil, but congenitally unable to understand or adjust policy to reflect the problems of real people. If that’s true for Romney, it’s surely worth a question for Hillary. And, Hillary’s bumbling answers—thrice over, now!—have made it a question reporters looking to raise their profiles would be wise to ask because it clearly precipitates gaffes.

Here’s Vice President Joe Biden assuring the American people he doesn’t even have a savings account. Which, pardon me, am I supposed to be comforted by the idea of a man one heartbeat from the presidency who runs over to the corner check-cashing place with his Ray-Bans on every Friday with his big Veep check?



Anonymous said...

Him and his wife only made $400,000 last year, they may have to apply for a SNAP card for some free food. This man wants to run for president lol

Anonymous said...

He's among the super stupid!

Anonymous said...

It cracks me up how EVERY POLITICIAN is broke, or poor! They want to RELATE to real people so bad! Well guess what WASHINGTON - very few of us own a house let alone multiple houses! Going to college is a dream - because we can't afford it with out having to SINK ourselves for life with STUDENT Loans! Biden said he didn't have a savings account - then it was proven that he usually has somewhere between 1,000 - 15,000 in that account! Dude most of us would love to see that much money, but guess what that will never happen! Most American's know that Politicians are paid LIARS - well news flash JERKS - WE THE TAXPAYERS PAY YOUR SALARY! Do you stand for US? YOU SAY YOU DO - AND LIE DIRECTLY TO OUR FACES!!!!!! Guess what keep the LIES going - and see when you find yourself out of a job - because TAXPAYERS are getting tired of your B*LLSH*T LIES!! You want to RELATE to us - climb down off your PODIUM preaching - and ATTEMPT to live the way we do! You know going to work EVERYDAY - busting your but (actually doing what you are hired to do), and at the end of the week pick up your petty paycheck that barely covers all your bills if it does at all! Then come talk to AMERICA about being BROKE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

He probably just forgot that he has a savings account. Maybe a butterfly flew by and distracted him. The guy is not the sharpest tool in the shed. He's a lamb chop short of a mixed grill.