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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Brewer to Congress: ‘Stop Obama’s manufactured crisis’

Arizona governor Tweets plea to secure border to Boehner, Reid

After an earlier call to the White House to end its “dangerous” policy of dropping off hundreds of illegal immigrants apprehended in Texas in her own state, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Thursday evening tweeted out a plea to congressional leadership to stop what she called a “crisis manufactured by President Obama.”



Anonymous said...

Well since Obama's own estimate of next years' shipments, who else would be responsible? He's already got the list!

Anonymous said...

Since Obama is on the welcoming committee, maybe he can be our first deportation case to Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Obama, just how stupid do you think we are?

Anonymous said...

Obama needs be remove from office and face charges for human endangment and unsafe health levels of sickness to the U.S.A public and the cities and other counties.