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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Rand Paul: Secure the Border

I am for immigration reform because I am against allowing 12 million more illegal immigrants into our country. If we do nothing, 12 million more illegal immigrants will come. We must be in favor of reform—smart reform that starts with border security.

Characterizing that position as "amnesty" is simply untrue.

What we have now is a lawless border. Current policy is a beacon for more illegal immigrants. The Obama administration’s lawless executive orders legalizing people who came here illegally will only encourage more illegal immigration—unless we act now with real, strong, verifiable border security.



Stu Stinchfield said...

Rand Paul is a smart person and would make a great president.

Anonymous said...

great distraction for those terrorists now crossing the border from another location.
if these kids can do it, so can they

Anonymous said...

He would if he'd quit trying to be a comedian.The momentum is almost unstoppable.Any hard core reversal of the influx of children would give the US a humanitarian black eye.Over the last 11 years all we had to do in so many cases was to not get involved.We're like the annoying family member who can't stay out of everyones business.In the end we've only made matters worse.