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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Bank Of America: "A Slowdown In National Home Prices Is Coming"

The gain in home prices has been widespread, with prices up on an annual basis in all 20 metropolitan areas surveyed. However, the improvement has been particularly notable in certain markets, which have disproportionately pulled up the national composite. The areas with the fastest home price appreciation have generally been those that have attracted the greatest amount of investor buying. As investor demand wanes in these markets, home price appreciation slows.

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The trend in home prices in California is particularly important when gauging the risks to national home prices.



Anonymous said...

A price on a home nowadays is completely plastic and an imaginary number. Reality has nothing to do with Realty these days, Watch out.

Anonymous said...

What's up with the infomercials encouraging us to take advantage of foreclosed properties? The bottom line is that if a for sale sign is not in the yard the home is not for sale under any circumstances.Banks sometimes hold onto those properties for years before considering selling them.A person has to have political connections to aquire the "steals" that the infomercials speak of.