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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Why Benghazi Matters

Watergate defines the vocabulary for American political scandals, and so it was no surprise that former Obama-administration communications operative Anita Dunn took to the airwaves yesterday morning to pour derision upon the notion that a “smoking gun” has been uncovered in the form of recently released e-mails documenting the White House’s disinformation campaign following the Benghazi attack. A dozen Democrats have asked, “Where’s the scandal?” But the question here is not whether the administration’s misleading statements in the wake of the attacks on U.S. installations in Egypt and Libya are a political scandal in the style of President Nixon’s infamous burglary; they aren’t. But that the administration’s misdeeds here seem to fall short of felony burglary hardly makes the matter a less serious one: The White House misled the American public about a critical matter of national interest, and it continues to practice deceit as the facts of the case are sorted out. That, to answer Hillary Clinton’s callous question, is what difference it makes.

The Benghazi dishonesty did not end with Susan Rice’s now-infamous 2012 Sunday-show storytelling circuit, in which she blamed the attack on an Internet video that Muslims found insulting but that in fact had nothing to do with what was an organized jihadist attack. Last week, press secretary Jay Carney managed to annoy the usually pliant White House press corps with his embarrassing attempt to explain away the withholding of documents sought by Congress, saying that the e-mails in question were not about Benghazi, despite the fact that there is a section thereof titled “Benghazi.” He has labeled investigation into the matter evidence of a “conspiracy theory.” It is nothing of the sort, and getting a picture of the administration’s failures and dishonesty in the matter requires no leap of logic or supposition of unknown forces at work.



Anonymous said...

sounds like a scandal to me. someone better tell hillary to read this article

Anonymous said...

Murdering an Ambassador is the same as an attack on the United States and/or assassinating the President. Yet it is no big deal according to the administration. They try to lie about the cause and then lie about the lie. Sounds worse then Watergate to me.

Anonymous said...

"What difference at this point does it make"

- Hillary Clinton

It makes a difference because the American people and particularly the victim's families deserve the truth.

This was not merely a misstatement, but a completely fabricated lie to help Obama hold the White House. A pretty weak lie at that. If the media were doing their job they should have immediately pursued this story relentlessly.

Unfortunately, we'll never know what difference at that point, six weeks before the election, it might have made.

But the media sleeps fine at night because Obama was reelected and Hillary remains the heir apparent.

Anonymous said...

It matters until it's resolved.At this rate it should be over in a month or so.

Hey Shorty: Lock in BRO said...

Time to take Hillary and Obamuuuu to jail....

Anonymous said...

I can't even begin to imagine what we would be hearing if it were Bush or any republican. The fact that the msm is absent borders on obscene.

We are losing our country.

Anonymous said...

Nixon was toppled by far less than what has happened with Benghazi...4 Americans tragic that little to nothing will happen to those responsible...and the one smack in the middle may be our next president--God help us!