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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Group Sends Warning to Green Bay Police Department


Anonymous said...

Aww, threatening while wearing masks. Making threats against police officers family members,,,that is a line these cowards do not want to cross;)

Anonymous said...

That's right 5:45-If the police can't police themselves, then it has to come from elsewhere. It's really pretty simple-Don't act like terrorists and your families won't be threatened.

Anonymous said...

5:45 - These guys from anonymous are right - the cops are being thugs in this instance - with no accountability...these cops need a good thumping for what they have done....whether it comes from Internal Affairs, the courts, or the public - they need to be held accountable!

Anonymous said...

5:45 AM wake up. You are dreaming.

We are tired of seeing daily how far gone many police are. If you think there are not several people on every police force that will act this way then you have not been paying attention. This behavior is not being addressed therefore it is being condoned and will increase.

lmclain said...

Oh Right. I see. The POLICE can murder, rape, rob, steal, extort, lie, falsify reports, look the other way when other cops commit crimes, but when the "we, the people" threaten to retaliate, it's a "line these cowards don't want to cross"?
Patriots is what they are. And just what are you tough guys, who can't fight until it's 5-10 against one and laugh as your fellow "brothers" taze hancuffed women, shoot children and rape handcuffed women, going to do about it, exactly?
You are outnumbered by MILLIONS and still talk that trash?? LOL.
EVERY DAY, you sissies piss more and more people off with your heavy handed, over-the-top, over reacting, Gestapo "WE ARE THE POLICE!" BS.
Don't forget, most of us don't need 75 rounds to kill something.