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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

A Letter to the Public, 4 May 2014

Notice: Constitutional Militias are Withdrawing from Bundy Ranch

When the call came out from militias in Nevada that they needed help because a rancher’s Constitutional rights were being violated, Constitutional militia men, defensive patriot groups, and humanitarian aid groups responded from all over the United States. Individual citizens showed up to protest, and the Sleeping Giant was awakened. The Federal government, especially the BLM, found out that if they are going to trample on the Constitutional Rights of U.S. Citizens, they will meet overwhelming resistance. The mission went as all Constitutional Militias prayed it would; the BLM was forced to leave without either side firing a shot.

It is the Goal of all Constitutional Militias and Patriot groups to take our country back without bloodshed. This will, in time, be accomplished as long as the government does not fire on them. If they do then there will, unfortunately, be bloodshed.

Several Militia and Patriot group leaders have conferred, and yesterday, a message was given to one of the people that guards Mr. Cliven Bundy. Mr. Bundy was given an option. He can continue to keep Ryan Payne, a man called Buddha, who refuses to let anyone know who he really is, their other associates with Operation Mutual Aid, and the Mountain Men Militia, and the Constitutional Militias will go home. Or, Mr. Bundy can tell these militants that he wants Constitutional Militias guarding him and we will return when these others leave. This is Mr. Bundy’s choice; the constitutional Militias will NOT be part of any group trying to start a war.



Anonymous said...

What a bunch of silly nonsense....there was never gonna be a bundys rights were never threatened. He chose to not pay his bills.....militias.....don't make me laugh...bunch of nobody's...

Anonymous said...

Not one of Bundy's "rights" were violated. He's a moocher and too lazy to pay a simple fee to use public lands.

Anonymous said...

We'll be back quicker than ever the next time, too.

You naysayers need to do a little research.

"Government Land" belongs to you and me. Personally.

Not Harry Reid, or anyone else individually, or as a department.

There may be caretakers, but not with any "ownership" rights.

There are also Easement Rights that should be looked up. I am not here to spoon feed; look it up on your own to find out you are totally wrong, and so is the BLM.

Anonymous said...

You weren't there the first time fool.....the mentality most of your type use isn't based on real life.....its based on some fantasy world....but do keep posting it entertains me....