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Thursday, May 08, 2014


The question really is, other than being appointed by a 100% partisan Governor, what qualification does Sarbanes have to be a Circuit Court Judge?

Remember, a Circuit Court Judge has in his or her hands the fate of a person's liberty (they can cause a person to be sent to prison for life), a person's family (they an cause a person to lose their kids in a custody or divorce case), or order a person to pay a boat load of money (in a civil case).

One can only imagine (hypothetical) the scene going like this:

Question: Judge Sarbanes, I see you have no criminal trial experience, no custody case experience, no lead counsel in a major civil case experience..... In deed, no serious jury trial experience...... What qualifies you to hold this incredibly important, life changing, position,

Judge Sarbanes: Well.... the Governor appointed me...... and I wasn't really doing anything else..... so what the heck, why not?


Anonymous said...

The peer rating chart says it all.
Caldwell has far more experience than the other guy, and is much more highly recommended by his peers. All else is just politics, and judges should be the one part of our government that is above politics in all its considerations.

Anonymous said...

This an O'Malley mistake that can still be fixed.

Anonymous said...

His family is a bunch of political hacks thats why he was apointed.

Anonymous said...

Look who is shilling for him -

Anonymous said...

This is also a 15 year position. That is 15 years to live with a mistake. Do you really want someone learning on the job?

Anonymous said...

He is, in my opinion, the best man for the job.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
He is, in my opinion, the best man for the job.

May 8, 2014 at 2:50 PM

Who is he?

Anonymous said...

With all of his family's political connections he did not get into a first rate law school. Bet the undergraduate degree and grades would be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Even more important, how about the years at Salisbury U?

lmclain said...

Ah....another example of your "leaders" (spit the taste out your mouth now) showing how concerned they are how justice and fairness. He will have the power to do all those things listed and has the about the same qualifications for the office as obama did for the presidency.
How has THAT worked out??

Anonymous said...

6:48 --

What do you know about his "years at Salisbury U"?

Put up or shut up.

M. P.