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Friday, February 28, 2014

Federal unions Want A 4% Raise, Not 1%

A 1 percent pay raise is "pitiful," according to federal labor unions. They're coming out with their own proposals to counter the request President Barack Obama will make in his fiscal 2015 budget. The American Federation of Government Employees calls for a 4 percent pay raise. It says that's enough for employees to keep up with the rising costs of retirement and health care. The National Treasury Employees Union advocates for a slightly more modest 3.3 percent raise. Feds got a 1 percent lift this year and no raise for the past three years.


Anonymous said...

There shouldn't be a union for federal employees!

Most of these people are in gimme jobs and are not competent enough to balance their checkbooks - let alone perform meaningful tasks!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely absurd. Why should they expect raises in the first place? They ALL READY make more than their private sector counterparts... and how many non government workers do you see getting raises?

Absolutely pathetic.