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Friday, February 28, 2014

In Md. Governor’s Race, Gansler Pushes Jobs Plan With Tax Breaks, Tuition Discounts

Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Douglas F. Gansler on Thursday released a 30-point plan to boost job creation in Maryland, saying the state has to both modernize its workforce and do more to support existing businesses.

“This plan is built around one core truth: Maryland needs more jobs,” Gansler, the state’s attorney general, said at a news conference at Baltimore’s shuttered Bethlehem Steel plant, where he was joined by several workers who had lost their livelihoods.

Gansler has sought to distinguish himself as the pro-business candidate in the Democratic primary, and his plan calls for a wide array of policy changes and new programs, some spelled out in more detail than others. The plan is more comprehensive than anything released to date by other candidates.



Anonymous said...

Got my vote!

Anonymous said...

Don't tell me what you're going to do to get jobs here, tell me what you've DONE!

Anonymous said...

Darn near identical to what O'Malley proposed before he was elected and forgot everything.

Anonymous said...

Their latest tax plan to circumvent the revenue cap here in Wicomico County will kill some more jobs....

Bush'man said...

This is like "icing on the top of a rotten cake" it looks good but fundamentally.. it is rotten.
Happy 5th birthday Tea-Party!

Anonymous said...

Now Gangster is trying to paint a new face on something that should have been done decades ago.

He'll not get my vote!!! He is part of the job problem from the get go. Now he wants to try and paint a different picture?


Obama Crooked Bastardo said...

He might not be as bad as Socialist Anthony Brown, but STILL BAD FOR MARYLAND. After all Gansler is a DEMOC-RAT, and we know what they have done for us in last 8 years. Ok Doug, if you like to make "fundemantal change" denounce your membership to DEM and become Independent and we MAY VOTE FOR YOU and that's a BIG MAYBE. But I'm 99.9% sure you wouldn't DO THAT?!!

C. Thomas Boone said...

Two important things to note: Biggest problem facing Maryland is job creation. 80% more people are among the genuinely unemployed now then there were 7 years ago. MD has lost thousands of small and medium-sized businesses in the same time. Md. has only 3 Fortune
500 companies left.

80 percent more people are unemployed now than they were seven years ago. We have lost thousands of small businesses in the last seven years.

We are the 47th highest taxed state I think is right in the country. We have had 40 tax increases. Every year for the past 7, the MD legislature has run a $700M to $1B deficit from Annapolis.

Meanwhile across the river, Virginia successively reaps in a $1B surplus. Because VA vigorously and aggressively promote jobs and attracts industry.

MD needs to bring jobs to MD to increase its tax base in order to do the things that Democrats believe really ought to be done for the people of Maryland.

We need to bring jobs hereto Maryland because we need to increase our tax base. And we need to be able to have money to do things that Democrats need people need their government to do to really help them.

To do that, we must make our corporate tax rate competitive with our neighbors even if it does mean cutting it from 8% to 6%. Likewise we must see to it that corporations pay the real share they owe and do not misuse "loopholes" to avoid corporate citizens.

We must do this to ensure we are we competitive with our neighbors so that all of our businesses don’t continue to leave - and we will do that incrementally and we will make a lot of money for our state And hundreds of millions of dollars will come in.

This is not some pig in a poke Repubican proposal in disguise; it is just plain excellent common economic sense.

Second point worth noting quote-unquote:

"Touting his support of Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign and his role in creating the state’s Civil Rights department, hiring Asian-American prosecutors, adding African-American and Latino prosecutors and promoting women to senior leadership, Gansler promised to craft an administration that “from top to bottom, will unapologetically be diverse.”

“I’m not worried about conventional wisdom. I’m not willing to accept the way things are and play it safe,” he said. “I want to lead, I want to work with you and I want to make a difference.”"

Lastly, with all this nonsense about Gansler and speeding tickets (he paid it - like who hasn't gotten one) and picking up his son late at night at a teen party in Delaware where underage drinking was alleging taking place (like what parent hasn't faced this dilemma? And why are Gansler's opponents fixated on personal matters between Gansler and his son? Is this really any of the public's business? Gansler's record on the of teenage drinking is very clear and he has fought hard ensure that sugar caffeinated alcoholic beverages were removed from convenience stores and other grocery and state shore shelves. And chicken laced with arsenic too for that matter).

The simple fact of the matter is that Gansler has been a lifelong champion of human rights for all people of all colors of all faiths of all backgrounds as long as they were law abiding. When it comes to murderers, snipers, domestic abusers, drug abusers, gangsters, elderly abusers, rapists, predators, Gansler has a lifelong rec ord of being a champion for the People. (That is with a capital P.)
CT Boone