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Friday, October 04, 2013


Sean Hannity got into a heated exchange with Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.) over the Obamacare “subsidy exemption” available to members of Congress. The debate hit its peak when Hannity offered the congressman a $10,000 bet to benefit charity if he could prove that members of Congress will not receive a “special subsidy” that the American people don’t have access to.

“If big business gets a special exemption, do you think it’s fair that individuals did not get the same exemption? And similarly, you and Congress are getting the subsidy exemption that the rest of us are not getting with Obamacare. Is that fair?” Hannity began.


Anonymous said...

People are really getting tired and are fed-up of this type of hypocracy.

Right here in Maryland - the Maryland Teachers Association lobby tried the same shenanagans - to EXEMPT THEMSELVES FROM HAVING TO PAY ANY REAL ESTATE TAXES - and yet they wanted to raise everyone elses real property tax. I am not making this stuff up - check it out for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Responding to 5:51

Not only did they - (school teachers) - tried to do it - but the very next year they tried to group in Law Enforcement and Fire Fighters.

Just like our US Congress - these special interest groups try to impose standards upon others - and yet they exempt themselves from the very standards that they others to bare.

Check out the Maryland House Bill and you will see that I am telling the gospel truth:

Anonymous said...

Democrats can't win on ideas, so they lie, cheat and distort. Each and every one of them!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for the likes of Sean,Rush,Levine,etc to fight the fight.

Anonymous said...

Latest post on Facebook-

"More improvements are on the way. The application will be offline for a few hours after 1 am EST over the weekend, the call center will remain open."

LOL-Now they've resorted to taking down the app until they can come up with some excuse as to why virtually no one is enrolling in this sold as such a needed bill.

Anonymous said...

The battle cry...."but what about the children? And the teachers, firefighters & police?

Anonymous said...

Just another communist that should be hung. Have we had enough yet????