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Monday, October 14, 2013

Obama's Furlough Exception For Union Workers Draws Scrutiny

Taxpayer-funded union activity is drawing new scrutiny after the Obama administration carved out a furlough exemption for government workers who serve as labor representatives.

The Office of Personnel Management, the agency managing federal employee issues, last Friday opened the door for some workers who serve as union representatives across the federal government to return to work and receive regular paychecks while most of their colleagues remain furloughed.

After complaints from government workers that they lacked union representation during the shutdown, OPM last Friday rewrote its previous guidance to allow those employees who are involved in representing co-workers on union-related matters to return to work with a regular paycheck.



Anonymous said...

America has never had a more brazenly defiant, divisive and unlawful President.
To all my stupid liberal friends,
We all have to live with your voting mistake, fools.

Anonymous said...

this nonsense must stop. hopefully this "law" will collapse. if no one would allow themselves to be intimidated; and no one would sign up, then we could get somewhere. they couldn't do anything about it. just don't sign up.

Anonymous said...

hey this so called senate deal carves out an exemption for the unions, is there any question out there about what this is really all about? is there anyone left out there who truly does not get this?? if so you do not deserve to vote

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately 3:49, there are too many that will sign up because this law was written for them to buy their votes.....

ginn said...

If we continue to allow these actions without repercussions what motivation do these criminals have to change? Obama and his entourage of degenerate liberal yes-men/women have committed innumerable, provable, crimes yet there are no repercussions AT ALL. So, again, what reason do these criminal thugs have pushing them to change their ways?