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Monday, October 14, 2013

Inmates Being Paid During Shutdown But Federal Prison Guards Aren't?!

Guards at federal prisons are not being paid during the government shutdown, but still have to show up to work, while inmates continue to receive checks for the work they do at the facility.

"There's different funding for inmate pay, and that has been funded," explained Michele Kunkel, President of the Government Employees Union Local 4040. Both Kunkel and her husband are employed at the prison in Yankton, S.D.


Anonymous said...

The unions voted for this Obama corruption. They funded the Obama regime to win the White house.
Sorry they aren't getting paid but they reap what they sow.
Democrat White house tactics are directly out of Alinsky's rules for Radicals, Obama's handbook for Fundamental Transformation.
Obama is a spiteful, divisive, vindictive Marxist bent on causing upheaval and chaos.
This is now apparent and undeniable.

Anonymous said...

As it should be.

Anonymous said...