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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Terry McAuliffe Pledges Colorado-Like Gun Control If Elected

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe's (D) website was updated Monday to show his commitment to bring Colorado-like gun control to the commonwealth.

In the section titled "Investing in Virginia's Urban Centers," now contains the heading, "Support Common Sense Gun Control Measures."

Under that heading, it says McAuliffe "will support mainstream and majority supported gun control measures like universal background checks, limiting the size of magazines, and a return to the 1-gun-per-month rule."



Anonymous said...

If Virginia elects this man than they deserve whatever they get. He sounds like Obama and O'Malley so that would be all I would need to know about him.

Anonymous said...

Then they can recall his butt, just like those Colorado politicians were...but as 10:19 says, if Virginia is dumb enough to elect him then they deserve what they vote for!

Anonymous said...

he's pledging "recall"?
if they elect him, theyre really stupid!

Anonymous said...

I'll be keeping an eye on this election - he's told the people what he wants to do...

Let's hope they're not collectively stupid enough to elect him.