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Friday, September 20, 2013

Sanity On Food Stamps

House Republicans are on the cusp of passing food-stamps legislation that would enact significant cuts to the program and revive requirements that able-bodied adults also work if they receive food stamps for the long term.

“What we pushed for in the food-stamp bill was to put real work requirements in place,” says Representative Steve Scalise (R., La.), chairman of the Republican Study Committee.

“Most Americans get that there is a need for a safety net in our country, and we support that safety net,” Scalise adds. “But we also feel strongly that if somebody’s able to work, they ought to be working and not getting food stamps on the taxpayer benefits, and turning down jobs, and yet the current law encourages that.”



Anonymous said...

Now they need to check for the food stamp collector's new luxury car and iPhone7....if they've got that much money or can save up that well - they don't need assistance!

Assistance - not subsistence!

Anonymous said...

Because there are so many jobs out there? Yeah sure.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My cousin and his wife get food stamps. They eat WAY better than we do, who are working every day, trying to keep our heads above water. They are eating food that we can never afford- $800 a month in food stamps for two people is a little excessive in my book.

Anonymous said...

3:15, I get $16.00 per month. My income is less then $1200.00 But because it is only me, that is what I get. I am happy to get that. It has helped.

Anonymous said...

That's a lie you can't get 800 for two people

Daddio said...

Too often the safety net becomes a hammock.

We need limits in place to prevent the hammockization of the food stamp program.