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Friday, September 20, 2013

For Obama, Brazil Decision Compounds Rough Stretch

WASHINGTON (AP) - For President Barack Obama, an embarrassing diplomatic rebuke by Brazil has compounded an already troublesome stretch for the White House both at home and abroad.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff announced Tuesday that she was putting off a state visit to the U.S. next month to protest an American spy program that has aggressively targeted her nation's government and private citizens alike.

Rousseff's decision deepened the global fallout for Obama from revelations about National Security Agency surveillance programs, which have also angered many Americans. The announcement also came amid criticism of Obama's public shifting over the threat of U.S. military action against Syria.

Some foreign policy analysts say such issues raise questions about Obama's standing around the world.



Anonymous said...

I thought one of Obama's selling points was his unique and fresh approach to restoring America's reputation abroad?
President Rousseff is not unlike many Americans who if given the opportunity would snub and dismiss Obama as well. He's an unworthy nothing good only for 'shaking his groove thing', playing basketball and listening to rap music anything that takes more thought he'll certainly bungle.

Anonymous said...

Ob' has no standing in most of the U.S., how could he have any "around the world"??

Anonymous said...

Control freak.That's all he is,and that never works out.Never has,never will.