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Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Siege Of Byzantium

Today, August 15, marks the anniversary of Constantinople’s victory over Muslim invaders in what historians commonly call the “Second Siege of Byzantium,” 717–18. Prior to this massive onslaught, the Muslims had been hacking away at the domains of the Byzantine empire for nearly a century. The Muslims’ ultimate goal was the conquest of Constantinople — for both political and religious reasons.

Politically, Islam had no rival but the “hated Christians” of Byzantium, known by various appellations — including al-Rum (the Romans), al-Nassara (the Nazarenes), and, most notoriously, al-Kilab (the “dogs”). The eastern Sasanian Empire had already been vanquished, and Persia subsumed into the caliphate. Only the “worshippers of the cross” — as they were, and still are, disparagingly known — were left as contenders over the eastern Mediterranean basin.



Anonymous said...

the only goal of the muslims, worshipers of mohammed, those who follow the islam faith is to convert the world to their faith. if jewish, Christians and all other faiths won't convert, they are to kill us. this goal has Never changed. Get It???

Anonymous said...

239 seems I recall the same narrative on the Christian side as well. Today we simply use "democracy" over religion. Both are simply convenient narratives because its really all about the money and power, no matter which side you speak of.

Anonymous said...

We need a Constitutional amendment that outlaws Communists, Socialists and Islamists from holding public office.

Anonymous said...

8:46, no other word for you except clueless, yes, clueless on this topic.

I suggest you read the entire Christian bible, then read the Koran. now tell me again the goals of the muslims through the Islamic faith and the goal of a loving, living God; Jesus in the Christian faith.

the Koran tells muslims to kill those that do not convert (infidels)to islam.
the bible teaches Christians to love as Jesus loved us and to carry the message of love and forgiveness to all the world. no where does the bible teach Jesus followers to kill if people don't convert.

do you get this???