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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Last Hurrah Of The Interventionists?

In what a Washington Post columnist describes as a rout of Rand Paul isolationism, the Senate just voted overwhelmingly to send another $1.5 billion in foreign aid to Egypt.

The House voted 400-20 to impose new sanctions on Iran’s oil exports, two days before Iran’s new president, elected on a pledge to re-engage the West on the nuclear issue, takes his oath.

Do these triumphs of AIPAC and the War Party, of neocons and liberal internationalists, tell us where we are going? Or are they the last hurrahs of the interventionists, as America’s long retreat proceeds apace.

If we take what Richard Nixon called “the long view,” the trend line seems unmistakable. Under President Obama, America has pulled all U.S. forces out of Iraq and has scheduled a full withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2014.



Anonymous said...

The big picture is the new world order. That's why nothing you see ever seems to be fixed. Yours and my agenda are 180' different then theirs. The nice thing is more people are slowly waking up.

Obama Crooked Motors said...

1,5 billion dollars to Egypt, for what? And Senate passed this? Do they realize what could 1,5 billion dollars do for hungry people at home. I want to know who are these Lousy.Crooked Senators who voted for this nonsense. Not one more dollar to Egypt and Muslim Brotherhood. BUCK STOPS HERE.