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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Delmarva Power (Delmarva Connect) Peak Savings Day

A Peak Savings Day has been scheduled to take place tomorrow between 2-6 p.m. During those hours, you can earn take advantage of two of our new programs to save energy and money by reducing your energy use. Customers are being notified of the event by phone calls to the phone number listed on their account, but you can also find more information


Anonymous said...

Don't sign up for this crap, unless you want 24/7 surveillance.

Anonymous said...

so translate this, so called greatest natin on earth with vast resources to create electricity and we are now into forced rolling blackouts because of so called "man made climate change" Rome is burning again

Anonymous said...

they will cut the amount of electricity to your home which makes all your appliance motors work harder which in turn causes premature burn out! but hey that's not their problem is it?