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Friday, May 17, 2013

Senate Democrats Ask IRS For Greater Scrutiny Of Super PACs

Senate Democrats are asking the Internal Revenue Service to restrict the amount of money a tax-exempt organization can spend on political activities, warning that they will introduce legislation doing so if the tax enforcement agency fails to act soon.

At issue are groups that claim 501(c)4 tax-exempt status by saying they engage exclusively in “social welfare” activities but spend a considerable amount of time and money on political advertising and advocacy. Such groups, including Crossroads GPS and Priorities USA are bankrolling multimillion dollar advertising campaigns designed to provide additional firepower for Republican and Democratic candidates.



Anonymous said...

and media matters and ppp are doing what???

Anonymous said...

In other words, suppress the opposition. Win at all costs.

11:30 they are not Government institutions. No comparison.

Anonymous said...

Yes. But the hearings today. The IRS does not target.

So obvious that this regime is more crooked than any third world government in the world.

Anonymous said...

Allow me I speak doublespeak... we will pass more bad law to allow marxist liberal communist pacs only and shut down those who believe in the Constitution..we will only allow.. progressive Marxist New World Order ideals and we will shut those American patriots UP.. If our so called reps really wanted to fix the problem of bought elections? They would pass a law that states all funds collected go into an account and then are equally distributed to each Candidate..