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Friday, May 17, 2013

IRS Employees To Be Furloughed

Employees of the embattled IRS might want to take a break. They'll get one, but it's probably not what they had in mind. The IRS has revealed more details about its plans to furlough employees because of sequestration and other budget pressures. It will stop all operations on Friday, May 24, and four other days this summer. Toll-free hotlines, taxpayer-advocate and help services and some Web-based tools will shut down. The IRS won't process tax returns on those days. The agency says the shutdown won't impact tax-filing deadlines. It will give taxpayers extra time to respond to IRS requests.


Anonymous said...

Let me see if I follow this post right.
They have to take some unpaid time off?
Then they get a bonus!
Good ole Obama trying to fool us again.
I really hope we elect another person of color , stupid is as stupid does!

Anonymous said...

"Toll-free hotlines, taxpayer-advocate and help services"

Oh swell! Cut everything that supports the citizen but nothing that attacks the citizen. Here is a group in Government who would put your grandchildren into a labor camp without batting an eye. Th IRS is out of control and has been for too many years.

We have a President that reacts by "firing" one guy who is leaving in 2 weeks anyway and another who's retiring.

Anonymous said...

Furloughs need to go to the perps, no, firing. Why inflict pain on honest hard workers when there are so many ignorant thieves to chose from???

Anonymous said...

Shutting down to shred documents, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

These people in charge of IRS should not be given bonuses, they should lose their retirement, and they should be fired immediately.