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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Response To Councilman Culver's Allegations: Plus Publishers Comment

Wicomico County Councilman Bob Culver recently made public statements about the bid process for the new State’s Attorney’s Office. We, the Wicomico County Executive’s Office, the Wicomico County State’s Attorney Matthew Maciarello and the majority of the Wicomico County Council, feel portions of Mr. Culver’s statements do not reflect the truth and need to be corrected.

Any suggestion that the site for the new State’s Attorney’s building was selected prior to the Request 
for Proposal process reaching completion is absolutely false. The County, through its Purchasing
Agent, executed to completion a Request for Proposal process that followed all County rules and regulations. All bids were evaluated and the Executive branch recommended to the County Council
that the most responsive and lowest cost bid be awarded the project. That the bid process was followed properly was confirmed by the County Council on April 2, 2013, by a vote of 5 to 2, when they determined that there was no flaw in the process. Following a public hearing on the Executive’s recommendation, the Council unanimously approved the award of the project to G Plus Properties, LLC.

Subsequent to being informed by the County Attorney of the issue, on March 8, 2013, Executive 
and Council staff met to discuss the fact that there had been an obvious release of confidential information from the closed Council session of March 5,2013. At this meeting, no decision as to what action would be taken in response to Mr. Culver’s breach of confidentiality was reached, as this is only a decision for the Wicomico County Council as a body. The County Council then decided to have a closed session on March 18, 2013 to discuss Mr. Culver’s actions, whether those actions constituted a breach of confidentiality and the possible penalty. In that meeting and in that meeting alone it was determined by the Council body that there was a breach of the confidentiality of the closed session and the decision to reprimand Mr. Culver privately was made.

The County Executive, the State’s Attorney and the majority of the County Council feel strongly 
that public confidence in a clear and transparent bidding process is absolutely essential. We reject outright and repudiate Councilman Culver’s allegations that there was anything illegal or unethical about the bid process which led to the decision to award the bid for the new offices of the State’s Attorney.

Publishers Notes: It turns out, most of the representatives supporting the above press release were more upset that Mr. Culver delivered his side of the story to Salisbury News and they want to make an example out of him. This is NOT the first time this has happened.

First of all you should know, Mr. Culver also sent the exact same letter to multiple news outlets, including the Daily Times. They refused to publish it. Now I'd like to know, how is this "public confidence" statement from the County Executive actually true?

Mr. Culver was ELECTED just as ALL of the others mentioned here. I see, unless you PLAY BALL with a certain group, (especially the majority, as mentioned) they will black ball you for voicing your opinion as how you see it.

The witch hunt started back when Mr. Culver shared ADVICE to interested parties given by the County Attorney. There was nothing wrong with the information Mr. Culver provided and there was never any intent to harm anyone. Mr. Culver was simply respecting those taxpayers who had a product they felt offered a better solution, more towards what the original rfp asked for. 

To watch the Council majority, County Executive and the States Attorney produce a press release such as the one above simply tells me personally that they are paranoid. IF they had done nothing wrong they simply would have ignored Mr. Culver's message. 

Our elected officials need to STOP using people like Bob Culver as an example for having the stones to get their opinions out to the public. Clearly the Daily Times is in the pockets of our majority of public officials. I'm one man, are you people really that scared of me?

Funny how MOST of the majority of public officials refuse to send out public information to Salisbury News but I WAS the recipient of THEIR/THIS message. I'm good for them when they NEED me but I'm NOT good for them when an elected official wants to get their version out to the masses. 


Anonymous said...

A bad political situation , an honest man trying his best , and gets craped on.
Politics are killing this nation.
Will the truth set you free , not anymore , satan at his best.

Anonymous said...

The truth is going to come out. It is a witch hunt with a witch hiding behind others to get it done.

Just a reminder to the Council - Bob Culver was elected AT LARGE. He has more support than those of you elected by a district. And by the way JOHN HALL - you weren't even elected. Shame on you for your actions against an ELECTED Councilman.

If you think the public isn't paying attention - you are nuts. This is a shameful chapter in the life of the Council and the Executive and now you've pulled the State's Attorney into it. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME.

Anonymous said...

The majority of the Council supports this yet won't sign their names to it???!!!! TYPICAL of the little group that thinks they are in charge. At least Culver tells it like it is - right or wrong.

KUDOS to Culver for exposing the power grab and power plays going on at the expense of US - those who elected these people. The arrogance of a few to think they know best and the electorate is stupid. Stop trying to make Wicomico County a "daddy" state - where Daddy knows best - and let's not forget mommy Prettyman in the center of it all. Her jealousy of Culver being VP is so pathetically obvious. The fact that her fellow councilmen voted Culver into office should tell her something.

Anonymous said...

I think the council is deceitful and now confirms in my mind that the fix was in ahead of the awarding of the bid. If they weren't crooked, they would not have gone to such lengths over this story.

Matt Holloway has turned on. He votes the way Pollitt wants him to. I guess he wants to protect his business investment so he plays ball with them to win favor. This is wrong and I have lost all respect for him.

This council has proven they aren't trustworthy and they don't deserve my vote.

Thanks Bob for speaking up that's more than the rest can do. All they do is provide lip service and no substance.

Anonymous said...

Did the constituent ask Bob Culver what the process was to protest a big BEFORE the closed session and Bob just asked the attorney, "what's the process"?

That is my understanding of what happened.

If it is, the city attorney is a disappointment. Also, the newspaper said the process to protest is right there in the RFP. If it is, that's not confidential information.

Just because you ask an attorney if the sky is blue and he says yes doesn't mean you talk with other people about the sky being blue.

Such a big stink over a nothing issue. Does make you wonder if they are trying to yell, "PAY NO ATTENTION TO THAT MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN!"

Anonymous said...

" We reject outright and repudiate Councilman Culver’s allegations that there was anything illegal or unethical about the bid process which led to the decision to award the bid for the new offices of the State’s Attorney."

I don't recall Bob stating anything like that at all! Bob only gave advice to a constituent who asked a perfectly legal and fair question about the method to be used if a bidder wished to protest a bid.

For the Council to put words in Bob's mouth like that is just wrong, and written so the DT will print it!

Anonymous said...

the county employees need a decent pay raise

Anonymous said...

My general observation in what has transpired in the County Executive's office keeping the public informed - there is very little transparency. And for the County Executive to provide innuendo that he has consensus with the County Council and State's Attorney - is argumentive.

In my honest opinion - the County Executive earns a C- in looking out for the average taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

Less than a C-, I think. When you combine Pollitt's refusal to provide the council with expense detail at budget time, it looks just like the city. I am a very dissatisfied voter who is sorry to see Debbie Campbell not still in office and will never again support Hall, Prettyman, and the bunch that have turned on Culver in the next election.

Anonymous said...

The only thing Pollitt is looking out for is more money to stuff his fat face while attending meetings. Save the taxpayer's some money and go on a diet.

Anonymous said...

Term limits and get rid of that klan.

Anonymous said...

Good job Mr Culver keep them on their toes.

Anonymous said...

This what the public gets when you put-in a candidate who is affliated hook, line, & sinker with the Board of Education. He'll pin any and all taxes to prop-up this group to the detriment of all others. Eventually - the people will catch on - but it will be to late as by then his administration will have strapped everyone to these municipal bonds that have to be repaid. By then - he will have left office and someone else will inherit the financial fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Yep - Pollitt & administration is treating the majority of taxpayers as second class citizens.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
So, apparently my white 17-year old is a thug because he also has pictures of guns on his phone?

FYI - my son's pictures with guns is due to dream to be in the military and work with weapons training.

May 25, 2013 at 2:08 PM

So who exactly are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

Why on earth would the Salisbury Times refuse to print Culver's letter? I thought things were supposed to be getting better there? Guess its a case where "Tom Claybaugh strikes again".?