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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hey, Barack, Maybe ‘Gun Nuts’ Aren’t So Crazy After All

I supposed that if I had to choose one aspect of the current regime I most detest, it would have to be the soul-crushing violations of man’s right to be free. A close second, however, is the fact that the current administration makes me sound crazy.
Think about it: try describing aloud the stated scandals that have emerged from the Obama Administration. Detail out loud the apparent culpability of our government in running guns to dangerous Mexican cartels as an excuse for stricter gun laws. Shout out about Benghazi, IRS thuggery and the monitoring of the, supposedly, free press and at the end, look back on how crazy the diatribe would have sounded to someone even five years ago.

What we know already about the scandals the Obama Administration has had a hand in would have seemed like the ramblings of the tinfoil-hat adorned half-a-decade ago. Now, these inescapable revelations are found on the cover of reputable magazines and newspapers while the Obama administration tries to downplay their significance.

However, since every cloud has a silver lining (or so I am told), gun rights activists have been offered an unexpected gift. After months of campaigning and pledging that America would see meaningful gun control legislation passed on a national level, the President has failed to deliver (thanks, in large part, to patriots who stood firmly against tyranny).

Rather than accept this loss like big boys, anti-gunners attempted to upturn the chessboard and pledged to continue the assault on our Second Amendment rights. The problem, however, is that they spent months framing the debate in a way that would come back to haunt them.


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