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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Union Official: Baltimore Prisons 'Club Med' For Inmates

A corrections officers union is reacting to the indictment of 13 officers by the federal government for smuggling drugs and money and having sex with inmates at two prisons in Baltimore City.

Herbert Barry with the Maryland Correctional Law Enforcement Union tells WBAL he is not surprised by the indictment. Barry says some of the officers who work at Central Booking and the City Detention Center are relieved that action was finally taken because they had been complaining and were not seeing any action taken from management regarding their complaints.

Barry says know they understand management was cooperating with the investigation.



Anonymous said...

Hey, wait a sec. We used to have a lot of complaints about our little county jail. What became of them?

Anonymous said...

"know", with a K?
And, yes, 847. there were a lot of complaints, and I recall no change in management? Maybe they just got rid of the complainers?

Anonymous said...

The Union made it that way.
The pregnant "officers" were not even fired.
Low life.