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Sunday, April 21, 2013

The History of Republican Evil

The Republican Party was formed in 1854 specifically to oppose the Democrats, and for more than 150 years, they have done everything they could to block the Democrat agenda. In their abuses of power, they have even used threats and military violence to thwart the Democrat Party’s attempts to make this a progressive country. As you read the following Republican atrocities that span three centuries, imagine if you will, what a far different nation the United States would be had not the Republicans been around to block the Democrats’ efforts.

March 20, 1854 Opponents of Democrats’ pro-slavery policies meet in Ripon, Wisconsin to establish the Republican Party

May 30, 1854 Democrat President Franklin Pierce signs Democrats’ Kansas-Nebraska Act, expanding slavery into U.S. territories; opponents unite to form the Republican Party

June 16, 1854 Newspaper editor Horace Greeley calls on opponents of slavery to unite in the Republican Party


Gary said... now the very same party that spearheaded the movement to free the slaves and how they were owned by the Democratic controlled states.....are now continuing to fight for their rights to be productive members of our society....while the same Democrats keep them as slaves to entitlement programs and under their thumbs. Times haven't changed a whole lot since 1854

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how the people who call Republicans racist forget (or probably never learned) that the party was founded to defeat racism and promote racial equality. Perhaps it's because our schools have poorly educated people. Or maybe it comes out of the desire to receive political favor by choosing a new side at the expense of other racial groups.

But it's really of no consequence now. The Republicans and Democrats are controlled by the same interests. Ever wonder how our country follows the same path, regardless of who is in power? Instead of trying to push people into the Republican or Democratic camps, those who want to affect real change should try to sway people to a new party that isn't controlled like the current duopoly.

Drew said...

After LBJ passed the civil rights legislation, Strom Thurmond threw a fit, quit the Democrats and started the southern racist movement into the Republican party.
Check your history.

Anonymous said...

The truth will hurt.
Drew... you do not have a clue.

Anonymous said...

Drew said...
After LBJ passed the civil rights legislation, Strom Thurmond threw a fit, quit the Democrats and started the southern racist movement into the Republican party.
Check your history.

April 16, 2013 at 4:01 PM

Oh my! A Democrat has spoken!

By the way Strom Thurmond was a great politician and didn't hate blacks. As a matter of fact he fathered a child by one and it became a well known fact.

Check your history!

Anonymous said...

4:01 Get a grip. ONE person does not a party change. And besides do you even know that Strom Thurmond was the father to a black girl.

Saw her interviewed on 60 MInutes a few years back. Apparently he took very good care of her.

Anonymous said...

Drew=Perfect example of the uninformed.
Thurmond switched parties due to what he saw as the dems moving too far toward liberalism and their penchant for a big federal government.
He voted against the LBJ legislation because he advocated for state's rights. This vote was reflective of many regarding his beliefs toward a limited federal government.

Alex said...

Haha, republicans doing damage control by referring to 150 years old history.
Too late...

Anonymous said...

Good lord people you gotta go back to the history books; modern democrats conservatives differ greatly from even 75 years ago, let alone 150.

Source: I passed 11th grade history.

Anonymous said...

Alex, Not damage control but facts. Please do tell what was said that constitues damage control?
Waiting for your response though it's likely we won't hear another peep out of you about this.
If Blacks are too stupid to know their history and see that the democratic policies have failed them terribly then they deserve to wallow in the crime ridden, poverty stricken cess pools they call neighborhoods. As some are fond of saying-You can't fix stupid!