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Sunday, April 21, 2013

John Hawkins: 7 Reasons Why Marriage Is Falling Apart In America

John Hawkins, who blogs at Right Wing News, has a new post up at Clash Daily in which he lists 7 reasons why marriage is in decline.

Here are his reasons:
The Sexual Revolution
The Inability Of Many Poor Men To Support A Family
A “Marrying Up” Gap
No Fault Divorce
Increased Economic Options For Women
Marriage has become a much less attractive option for men
Children have become more of an economic hindrance than a help

And here is one in detail:
6. Marriage has become a much less attractive option for men: There was a time when the man was expected to provide for his wife and kids and in return, he was treated as the king of the castle. Now, men are often treated more like partners than kings. Moreover, if there’s a divorce, men know they may not be treated fairly by the court system. Almost every man knows a guy who has had access to his child used as a bargaining chip, who has to pay Draconian child support payments or who has otherwise been generally treated unfairly because of his gender, not the merits. No man wants to end up as the guy paying a huge chunk of his income to a woman who broke his heart while he wonders if he’ll be allowed to have access to his own child.



Anonymous said...

Women take note, it might help while trolling.

Anonymous said...

I like short skirts.

Anonymous said...

King of the House?

TV regularly portrays men as nothing but the but of jokes. Being married is something to be looked down on according to the Media and Hollywood. Men are second class citizens. Women are Kings these days.

Meanwhile these people go from divorce to divorce or one relationship to another having no idea what love actually is.

Trust me only marriage can provide true love between one woman and one man. It takes work but it is well worth it.

Ignore Media/Hollywood they know nothing of love only lust which they portray as love.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Divide and conqouer..its the communist democratic satanist ...women... areas under attack at a constant drumbeat from one crisis management mode to another..this is how the progressives world government will be ushered and learn..

Anonymous said...

Hey 3:10 she'll wear them for you till you say "I do" then she'll quickly donate them.

Scott said...

I blame it on modern society and the feminist movement that started in the 60's. I hear many guys like me who say they dislike American Women.
Its all about career first and family later if at all.
Adding women to the workforce along with other factors has lowered everyone's standard of living.
Now it takes two incomes to get by instead of one. Growing up in the sixty's and Seventy's, we only needed one income to get by.

Children have suffered the most because they are now put in daycare centers so that women can continue their careers.
It is no wonder that a lot of professional men seek out women from eastern Europe and Latin American countries for wives.
A lot of women now dress and act like sluts. Body piercing and tattoos are the new normal.
I wonder if decency exists anymore!

Anonymous said...

I've heard the same thing from women as well 7:08.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of Islam....stone the woman for accidentally showing her ankle and making the man lust. It's always the women's fault no matter what. Does anyone recall why the women's movement began? Because women were miserable being stuck, repressed, abused, neglected, enslaved. A lot of women became alcoholics because of their misery. You all act like life was a fairy tale 'back then'. Maybe it was for the men...Mad Men anyone? If that's the life you want, convert to Islam or Muslim. Then you can treat your women like the property you want them to be.

Anonymous said...

Many people can get by on one income if they do things once. Most think its more important for them to drive new cars every few years and have huge houses. There is nothing more important than raising your own children. Many make the sacrifice to do this while other feel it's better to have all the new stuff the Jones have.

Scott said...

Anonymous 7:08
God Bless you! I could not agree with you more. If more people thought like you, we would have a better society.

When I was growing up, my mom was home to see me off to the bus in the morning and she was there in the afternoon. I was raised in a stable home with a mother and a father. My dad worked as a salesman and didn't make much, but we always had two cars in the driveway.
My mother didn't start working until my brother and I were teenagers. I truly believe we were better off because of this.

I've tried to do the same. Been married over 25 years to a great gal who I married because she was also raised with true christian values.
My two son's have done well in school and in College I believe because we have been there for them throughout their developing years and weekly church service that teaches morality and a true meaning and purpose to life in a belief in god and moral teachings of Jesus.

The sacrifices are worth it for the well being of the family.
If that makes me any angry man, then I am guilty as charged.

Anonymous said...

I can sum all of those up with one short sentence:

Marriage is falling apart in America because we have ignored the Word of God.

lmclain said...

7:45 "Many people can get by on one income if they do things once." Sure they can. And elves pull on long chains to make the moon come up every night.

Anonymous said...

the last sentence about child support. that's exactly what it is. it is for the economic support of YOUR children. it does not guarantee visitation.