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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sifaka Baby Is The Maryland Zoo's Newest Resident

A male Coquerel's sifaka, which is an endangered lemur, was recently born at the Maryland Zoo.

Zoo officials say Little Maximilian was born to the sifaka pair, Anastasia and Gratian on March 30th.

According to Carey Ricciardone, who is the mammal collection and conservation manager at the Zoo, the baby is healthy and is bonding with his parents. Newborn sifaka normally ride on their mother's belly for the first month, then move to riding on her back. 



Anonymous said...

Look at them ears! "obama".

Anonymous said...

@ 7:58
You folks will just hate everything. Can't you be like "aww cute look its an innocent animal!"

Anonymous said...

awww, cute! was my reaction!