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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Data on Border Crossings Could Change Immigration Debate

There's a confrontation coming between the Obama administration and Republicans in Congress over the most basic question of immigration reform: How secure is the U.S. border with Mexico?

Not only does the administration not know -- and perhaps doesn't want to know -- but there are signs the border is less secure than some of the most skeptical Republicans thought.

Last year the Border Patrol began experimenting with a new drone-based surveillance system that had been developed for finding Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. Starting in the fall, officials used the radar-based system over a fairly small portion of the Arizona border. The results were striking.



Anonymous said...

Why don't we just close all the borders!

Anonymous said...

This is one thing that is bushes fault ...after 911 we should have declared war on the border.instead it remains open and unregulated to this fences or challanges by the current idiot in charge against states trying to stop it will stem the tide over border.drones sounds like a least ID weak spots..this madness must stop..before ANY REFORM For ILLEGALS!!!who have entered this counrty without permission..