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Friday, February 08, 2013

Teen Pregnancies Are Plummeting In New York City

The city's health commissioner told the New York Daily News, that over the last decade, teen pregnancy rates have dropped by 27%. This drop likely has something to do with New York being one of only 21 states that allows minors to have access to contraceptive services. Also, the public school system started a program two years ago, to provide students in districts with high pregnancy rates with access to Plan B. And, the majority of parents in the New York City public school system approve of this expanded access to emergency contraceptives. In other words, rather than relying on abstinence education, which results in high teen pregnancy rates in Republican southern states, New York is confronting real world problems, with real world solutions.


Anonymous said...

This is a true statement, but did they tell you that cases of HIV or AIDS have increased by about the same percentage!
This maybe a good thing , get rid of some undesirables.
Our government is great , ain't it?
It's for the children!!

Anonymous said...

in a related story, abortion providers in NYC report a boom in business...

Anonymous said...

Who knew teen promiscuity was linked to 32oz sodas...well I'll be damned.

Anonymous said...

The abortionists must have a booming business. The morning after pill has just started.