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Friday, February 08, 2013

Senators Try Again To Ban Smoking With Kids In Car

ANNAPOLIS — Sen. Jennie Forehand, D-Montgomery, is passionate about Marylanders not smoking. She remembers coming to the Senate in 1979 and hiding all of the ashtrays under the radiator.

“I was the laughingstock of everybody, but I made the point,” Forehand said.

Last year, she proposed a ban on smoking in cars with young children, which passed in the Senate, but died in a House committee.

This year, Sen. Bobby A. Zirkin, D-Baltimore County, is sponsoring legislation that would impose a fine of $50 on anyone caught smoking while driving or riding with children under 8.



Anonymous said...

and if your pulled over because your child looks under 8 is that profiling?

time to tint the sindows so they cant see in

Anonymous said...

this is nuts! the gov keeps adding laws and they can't enforce the ones they have now. let the parents decide how to raise their children, not the government. Let's face it the government is broke and can't even manage the basic concept of a budget. let's get real people!

Anonymous said...

You can't Nerf the world through frivolous laws! Every law passed for our "safety" is just another chip away from liberty.

FYI: I don't condone smoking with kids in the car, nor do I condone the threat of violence to make you stop.

Anonymous said...

And why is a child 8 and up okay to smoke around?

I don't condone smoking around kids, but next it's going to be lock momma away while pregnant if she smokes.

The sticks are addicting! It's damn hard to quit. If you really believe smoking is an outrage, ban the damn things and shut the plants down.

This death by a thousand cuts enforcement is costly and cowardly. None of the politicians are brave enough to do prohibition, so they'll just make poor miserable people poorer and more miserable.

Anonymous said...

They passed drinking and driving laws, yet they (The Politicians) still get pulled over for drinking and driving. They are passing or trying to pass gun laws, yet they don't want to give up their armed security. They have passed speeding laws, yet they are constantly seen speeding for no reason. The time and money it would take to write and publish this stupid law could be used to pay some bills they already owe.... IMHO.... But then again I am just one of the stupid people they are trying to control, what do I know?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget," It's for the children..." More BS from a politician.

Anonymous said...

How about making it illegal to even suggest a new law, before you ask your citizens, whom you supposedly represent, if they WANT a new law?

Anonymous said...

Our government does super job of protecting us from our selves, I wish they would leave us alone!

Anonymous said...

But you can smoke pot?
Nothing better to do?
They should be ashamed for taking money to do their work. Why not work on some of our real problems?