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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

SodaStream Customer Service Finds It Hilarious That Its Products Send Me Straight To The Toilet

Consumerist reader C. had a problem of a well, rather delicate nature. She writes that after receiving a SodaStream for Christmas, she was beyond excited to try it out, using a few of the company’s flavored syrups to make her own carbonated beverages at home. That excitement waned when she started experiencing an — how shall we say it? — ill health effect that sent her running for the bathroom every time she drank the stuff.

After trying various non-diet syrups (she adds she never drinks diet soda because she doesn’t like the taste of artificial sweeteners) and waiting a week or so in between trials to make sure it was the SodaStream syrups causing the bathroom trips, she decided to write to the company and see if others were having a similar problem.

She says hesitated to reveal the nature of her problem, but figured if the syrups were contaminated with bacteria or something else, the company should know.


Anonymous said...

I've been using their products for over 4 years now without any issues. As far as their customer service goes, my son accidentally knocked the machine on the floor about a year and a half after we purchased it,a couple of pieces broke off. I called them to see if I could purchase parts for it, and instead they sent me a new one for free. The whole conversation took about 5 minutes, ans I had a new one within a week.

Anonymous said...

We were talking about getting one of these just the other day and I even said wait until the big beverage corps (Coke and Pepsi) start to feel market share losses and we will start hearing all kinds of negative stories about this machine.

Anonymous said...

Splenda has been know to do this to a lot of people. Since Splenda is being used in both diet and nondiet syrups is probably the reason for her runs to the potty.

Anonymous said...

I really don't think Pepsi and Coke will be hurt by them.

Anonymous said...

Believe me I worked in the corporate world (80+ billion in yearly sales, more than 20 brands, manufacturing in over 10 countries, over 100,000 employees) and close attention is paid into anything they consider what is called a niche market.
Any cut into profits is taken very seriously and product will be "watched" to see if momentum is occuring.
I actually have read somewhere along the line that they are concerned because their syrups are being used in this machine.

Anonymous said...

Just a FYI, Sodastream has been around for well over 40 years, it's really not a "new" thing. It also works with the big name brand syrups.