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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Lost Cat 2-6-13

Lost Cat around Emerson Ave & Whitman Dr in Salisbury. If seen please call, if have will pay reward for him. He is not friendly, will bite and scratch. He was wearing a red studded leather collar. He is tall and weighs approx. 18lb, call 410-548-7440


Anonymous said...

cute cat

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cat; sincerely hope you find him, please let us know.

Anonymous said...

We have also have a "not friendly, will bite and scratch" cat though it's a girl. She's aloof and thinks she's very independant. Years ago she got out and the animal control lady (in OC) said chances were she was lurking close by and to leave a door open and maybe she would come strolling home (on her terms of course.) I remember it was winter because we froze while sitting there with the door open and it was just about an hour later she did come right in the door. Maybe you could try this? If he's an indoor cat and not used to outdoors it may take some time for him to build up his courage to run in the open door if he is lurking close by.