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Saturday, February 02, 2013

Smart Meters: What the Mainstream Media Isn't Telling You

On Wednesday January 23, Naperville, Illinois resident Jennifer Stahl was arrested for verbally refusing installation of a smart meter on her own property. Jennifer has been studying the issue for quite some time, and decided that a smart meter could be detrimental to her health, security, and privacy. 

The city of Naperville, Illinois, which owns the electrical utility, claims otherwise. They insist the smart meters are safe, and have bullied homeowners into accepting them. The smart meters are so important to the city that they won't permit anyone to refuse installation - and if they do, they are arrested. It seems that property rights and trespassing laws don't apply in Naperville.
Tune in to Off the Grid radio to hear Jennifer's story in her own words.

Meanwhile, you may want to download our special report, Smart Meters: A 21st Century Technology, A 21st Century Threat. This 50-page report is packed with information you simply will not hear from the mainstream media, like:
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The dangers of chronic exposure to smart meter radio frequencies
How to legally resist the smart meter pushers
How to protect your home and your health if you must accept a smart meter

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The Team at Solutions From Science


Anonymous said...

If you keep your foil hat on the frequencies won't bother you.

Anonymous said...

I keep getting bambarded daily with calls from someone who wants to save me money on my Delmarva Power bill. Does anyone have any info on this? I just hang up on them...

Anonymous said...

Station Energy is who keeps calling you. I have Choptank, so Station's service isn't even available to me. Do you think that stops them from calling? Nope. I've been six times in one day.

Anonymous said...

Go to walmart or some place and buy a generator. No peeking there.

Anonymous said...

by the way. to those who are naysayers on this story. there are reports all across the nation regarding these so called "smart meters". as usualy the government is encouraging smart meters to be installed at every home so they can log your every move. everything is being held in a remote data base and can be called up at any given time. research this for yourselves. don't remain ignorant and keep your head in the sand. this will be to you and your families detriment. fear; no. facts; yes.

Anonymous said...

So they know how much electric I am using.You talk like they are going through your mail and computer.Would hate to be a meter reader

Anonymous said...

What about that cell phone you carry everywhere you go.

Anonymous said...

As much as I defend this area and the people from it, which I am one, some of you keep making it harder and harder to do so.

Like another poster has commented, do your own research BEFORE you comment.