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Saturday, February 02, 2013

The Next Generation Of Surveillance

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lmclain said...

Do you see why 35,000 drones are being planned for deployment over the UNITED STATES!!? By our OWN "leaders"? Its because of all the "terrorists" in the USA. Yeah, yeah, THAT'S the ticket!! They want more drones flying over us than they do in all the other countries of the world COMBINED. Bet you life (no pun intended, believe me) that if some are not armed now, it won't be long....isn't that the next logical step for military technology (and that is EXACTLY what this is)....disarm the population and make "surveillance" an all-encompassing activity, from street corner to space. But don't ask yourself "WHY?". Oh no. It would be too much to consider for small brained lemmings and sheep. You know, the ones who think they NEED to be watched 24-7 and think that its GOOD for them. The rest of us? Soon-to-be "enemies of the State".