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Saturday, February 02, 2013


Well, it looks like there have been some major developments in that “I give God 10%” receipt story: The alleged “pastor” is real and the server who posted the photo has been fired.

A photo posted to Reddit on Tuesday by a user named “GateFlan,” who claims to be a St. Louis-area server, shows how an alleged “pastor” reacted to the restaurant’s automatic gratuity policy:



Anonymous said...

So sad that Applebee's would fire a server over posting something to show the lack of compassion of a customer, who just happens to be a 'pastor'.
I feel this customer should be embarrassed (I couldn't use the term lady as I feel she isn't and using the word pastor doesn't fit well either). It shows that her parents/guardians did NOT do a very good job raising her!
My family has not eaten at Applebee's in a long time and I can assure you that now it will be never!!

David said...

First that is not an automatic gratuity. That is the suggestion of the software printing out the receipt. Had that been an automatic gratuity the total would reflect the included tip at the bottom.

Second stop being a cheap prick. Tips are how servers make their money and the only way they make their money.the 2.50 or so minimum the federal governemnt mandates for servers is so they can collect tax on an otherise largely cash bassed business.

Furthermore if this pastor was anykind of good person they would not be so pompus about doing what is otherwise expected of him/her from the church and the peramitters of an unwritten societial agreeemtn that he/she is well aware of.

I just seems like another form of entilement to me. I am a Pastor who does not have to abide by the rules of the commone folk.

I tip based on service. Bad service gets a very low tip of around 10%. If it was particulary bad I would make a note on the check letting them know why they recieved a sub par tip. If it is good I tip 20% or more. If you cant afford to tip then maybe you should not be eating out.

Treat your fellow humans like humans people. Servers are not your servants. They are people performing a service for you at a price. A price that is not include in the price of your meal. So pay them you cheap bastards. Othwise you are just another "entitled" person taking more than you give back.

Anonymous said...

That's what happens to greed!

Anonymous said...

everyone knows canadians are terrible tippers!

Anonymous said...

Many people just don't understand that most all servers make much less than minimum wage. Their tips make up for a large portion of their take home money after they pay taxes by a percentage of their sales.

Most good servers ,after taxes, their paychecks are $0 because they are good servers and wait on a higher volume of people and their sales are good.

Having been working in restaurants for 40 years, I tend to overtip, because I know many people still won't tip even 18%. Being in management, I have seen servers break into tears at the end of a hard shift because some leave little to no tip.

Anonymous said...

the pastors culture predisposes her to the "taker" attitude. She is the one who should be released from her position. Probably went to the Jeremiah Wright school of Christianity

Anonymous said...

If you can't afford to decently tip, you can't afford to eat where there is table service.

Anonymous said...

If you cannot afford to tip, then you cannot afford to eat out. - Pastor Rod Parsley

lmclain said...

2:43 revealed a truth well-known in the restaurant industry. And used a well-known term in the industry to describe a certain group of restaurant goers. Hilarious, 2:43. And, unfortunately, true. Ask any server. And, like the soldier who said if you haven't been in real combat, then you don't know, the same applies here. If you have never been a waiter or waitress, then you don't know.