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Saturday, February 02, 2013

Report Shows OCPD Saw Less Violence, More Drugs In 2012

The Ocean City Police Department’s year-end numbers indicate that major crimes against persons are on the decline, but property crime and other offenses – particularly drug- and alcohol-related ones – continue to be a battle.

Capt. Kevin Kirstein, currently serving as the OCPD’s acting chief after the departure of former chief Bernadette DiPino, presented the department’s annual report to City Council on Tuesday.

Most crucial, Kirstein said, was that the city’s rate of major crime seemed to be holding steady. Since 2006, the town has averaged 1,486 incidents per year that are severe enough to be reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s national records system. Such crimes include homicide, rape, robbery, assault, breaking and entering, larceny and motor vehicle theft.



Anonymous said...

more drugs=more laser light shows

Anonymous said...

If pot was legal both numbers would've been down.

Anonymous said...

And OC cops will tell you it's mostly from people from Salisbury that come there and do it, along with other crimes.

Yeah right.

Anonymous said...

1026,,yeah bc ppl from salisbury wait all tear to take their vacations in oc and nowhere else!

Anonymous said...

9:08 AM

Good point. And let's not forget about the millions from other states who come here to party and wreck havoc. But no, no O.C. resident would ever do anything like that.