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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

State Of The Chesapeake Bay’s Health: D+

The Chesapeake Bay’s health continues to suffer from pollution from sewage plants, septic systems, farm and urban runoff and air emissions, according to the latest “State of the Bay” report.

The nonprofit Chesapeake Bay Foundation again gave the bay a subpar grade - 32 or a D+ - in its report, which was issued on Wednesday.

“We can see a saved bay in our future, but a D+ is not a good enough grade,” said Will Baker, longtime president of the bay foundation.

The foundation’s report evaluates 13 areas for pollution, wildlife and habitats.



Anonymous said...

Let's just stop at municipal waste water overflows that covers about 93% of the problem, and leave the farmers and watermen who ARE COMPLYING WITH REGULATIONS out of the blame game. One plant during Sandy, 2 million gallons per hour for at least 3 days times how many WWTP's?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Let's let reality and facts have a little sunshine put on them for a change!

There is NO WAY any farm could possibly pollute .01% of that during such a storm!

Anonymous said...

Here we go again , this bay clean-up BS has been going on for 50 years. I guess they need more money ! Another program invented by the liberal democrats. Just move everyone to the mountains of west virginia.
Just like the weather channel , everyone wants to be a dramma king or queen , My goodness , they make a rainy day sound like a tornado.
Good ole MSM!!

Anonymous said...

i guess we dont have to pay the TAX anymore cause that is not working