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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Elevation Lowered In Leonards Mill And Coulbourne Mill Ponds Until February 15th

Salisbury, MD – Water levels in Leonards Mill and Coulbourne Mill Ponds will be lowered January 2nd, 2013 through February 15th, 2013. During this time, fishing will be prohibited in either pond.

The lowered elevation will provide homeowners along the pond the opportunity to do routine maintenance on their properties and docks. The time-frame was selected to avoid interference with fish spawning season. Leonards Mill Pond is located on Route 13 North in Salisbury, while Coulbourne Mill is in south Salisbury. For additional information on either pond, please visit


Anonymous said...

When the water level at Leonards is lowered one can see numerous residential sewer lines running into the pond.The residents around Leonards might have second thoughts about having them exposed.

Anonymous said...

5:57 They are not sewer lines. Usually these are lines that people use as rain water drainage, and also street drains