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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

4 Surprise Tax Perks In The "Fiscal Cliff" Deal

Now that there's been time to digest the "fiscal cliff" deal that passed Congress, it turns out that negotiators didn't just help out individuals, families, the unemployed, doctors and milk consumers. Tucked into the 150-plus page bill are several tax perks for businesses - businesses you probably didn't even know needed tax perks.

To be clear, these are renewals of existing tax breaks that were set to expire, so they weren't plucked out of thin air during negotiations over the weekend. However, the fact that they were included in a bill that was the result of such acrimonious debate got the attention of some House members who were against the deal.



Anonymous said...

would be nice if anything over 40 hours wasnt taxed

Anonymous said...

wait, lemmee guess. it's why they voted for it?