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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Gun Purchasers Set New Record In December: FBI

The number of FBI background checks required for Americans buying guns set a record in December, as the Connecticut school massacre stirred interest in self-defense and prompted renewed talk of limits on firearms, according to FBI data.

The FBI said it recorded 2.8 million background checks during the month, surpassing the mark set in November of 2 million checks. The number was up 49 percent over December 2011, when the FBI performed a then-record 1.9 million checks.

Consumer demand for guns appears to have accounted for the uptick in activity. There were no changes in FBI background check procedures that would have affected the December numbers, FBI spokesman Stephen Fischer said.



Anonymous said...

The FBI has done a remarkable job keeping up with the high volume.
Hats off to them! Finally a Government agency earning it's keep.

Anonymous said...

Hey 10:39 ,
The FBI is now like most government agencies , I'm just wondering how many mistakes they make. They do not hire what is considered the cream of the crop.
So , you take your hat off to them , they are just doing their job , work is a rare thing in the government.

Anonymous said...

F.B.I.= frking bunch of idiots.

they are just another corrupt police agency but with a whole lot more power.

Mick Jagger warned us 40 years ago, all cops are criminals.