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Friday, October 12, 2012

Berlin Businesses To See Major Drop In Electric Rates

BERLIN -- In a highly unusual move, the Town of Berlin has received permission from the Public Service Commission (PSC) to reduce all non-residential electric rates, equating to an 11.5 percent average savings for businesses.

Following a similar reduction to residential rates earlier in the year, Berlin has been working for months to offer non-residential customers the same service. Because lowering the rates would mean a $270,583 loss of revenue to the town annually, the action had to be run by the PSC for approval. It’s the commission’s job to police how municipalities alter rates. Attorney Jill Parker represented Berlin before the PSC over the rate change and confirmed that the commission quickly agreed to everything in the town’s application with only a few conditions. She added the entire organization seemed shocked that Berlin was purposefully attempting to lower rates.


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Anonymous said...

Good for Berlin.They have elected people looking out for the citizens unlike other towns I know!