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Saturday, November 03, 2012

The Top Three Ways Hurricane Sandy Confirms Conservatism

For the past week, that clucking class of liberals that always seems to find itself on our television screens has hovered above the tragedy and chaos that Hurricane Sandy left in her wake, assigning points to the Dems, defeats to the GOP and validation from heaven for all its schemes and ideas.
After all, we can’t have a weather event without the reliable street preachers chiming in, saying climate is not the same as weather except in the cases that promote their ideology, and proclaiming that if only America sacrificed its industry on the altar of environmentalism, the storm gods would show mercy. See, with these clowns, there isn’t an event on the damn planet — from wildfires to home runs — that doesn’t confirm their world view. And we know this, and we deal with this.


Anonymous said...

The Obama Government response to Sandy has been a failure twice that of Katrina! FEMA! Out of WATER! People eating out of trash cans.
Crapping in the halls of highrises!
Some people still stranded!

Anonymous said...

wooo, alot of hot air. This post is just more half-baked taco bell "beef" that the ill informed will eat up like its prime rib. Too many half-truths and fluff to correct in such a small space.

Anonymous said...

It's Bush's fault!