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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Puppets Descend On Capital in Million Puppet March

As far as marches to the Capitol go, Saturday's rally had some memorable characters.

The so-called "Million Puppet March" set out to be a colorful and fun way of showing support for the Public Broadcasting Service.

Hundreds of supporters met at Lincoln Park, sporting sock puppets, marionettes and full-blown costumes.

Naturally, Big Bird was a popular choice.



Anonymous said...

Went there and puked , who needs them on the government payroll?
When will you get it ? Public television , you pay for it , not me.

Anonymous said...

is that the old cookie monster on the bottom right corner pic? man he looks like a crack head eating all those carrots.

Anonymous said...

They would have better served their fellow human beings by doing something to help the victims of the storm. What a true waste of energy, people can't watch Big Bird, Sesame Street or their march without power/electricity.

I also heard that many people that came here to help work on the power lines were turned back when it was found they were non-union workers. That's the BS that gets my goat.

All those people marching and doing nothing to help storm victims, just shows how messed up their priorities are in times like these.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of moochers. What's amazing to me is how these moochies have no shame and do things like this without a hint of embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

Where's the head puppet Obama?

Anonymous said...

Quick, someone tell me how much it costs to give to PBS. Without looking it up.

Yeah, that's what I thought.