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Friday, November 30, 2012

Franchot: "More Patriotic" To Shop Local Rather Than Online

Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot says it is "more patriotic" for Marylanders to shop at small locally owned businesses, rather than shop at large "big box" stores, or shop online.

"Much as I love the out of state Internet companies, you want to help Maryland, gosh darn it take your wallet out and go down to your own family owned small businesses on Main Street and, because that will help us help our great state," Franchot told WBAL News, as he toured businesses in Glyndon on Thursday.

Franchot says small businesses collect state sales taxes, and invest their profits back into the community.



Anonymous said...

Here's an idea for Maryland. Lower the State sales tax to entice Marylanders to shop at small locally owned business. Lower sales tax = more local shopping = more profits invested into the community

Anonymous said...

he's got his knickers in a knot because the state still hasn't figured out a way to steal 6 cents from us for every dollar we spend on the internet. there's always an ulterior motive in EVERYTHING a commiecrat says and does.

Anonymous said...

I agree we need to support local owned businesses, the state needs to take that to heart and get rid of many of the stupid regs put on small business.

Anonymous said...

What does paying an enormous sales tax have to do with patriotism? More Kool Aid to drink from the democrats.