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Friday, October 26, 2012

Troopers Continue Preparations For TS/Hurricane Sandy

The Delaware State Police continue to plan and make preparations for the possible arrival of TS/Hurricane Sandy. We are working with all local and state agencies to monitor and assess the most current weather forecasts as to determine potential issues which may negatively impact the motoring public, and to establish the most efficient means to mitigate any preventable problems.

The Delaware State Police are urging the public to exercise caution during Tropical Storm/Hurricane Sandy. Prior to the storm, make sure to store drinking water, canned food and nonperishable items; secure your pets indoors and any loose items around homes (as they travel onto the roadways and impede traffic); have vehicles in good working order with sufficient fuel; and adhere to advisories issued by authorities.

Additional safety tips include:

Stay Put- Avoid driving in heavy storms unless absolutely necessary. Often, injuries and deaths occur during and in the aftermath of such storms. Sightseers impeding roadways cause obstacles for emergency personnel responding to those in need.

Slow Down- Decrease your vehicle speed during inclement weather to avoid hydroplaning and to account for increased stopping time. Periods of heavy rain may necessitate traveling at speeds below the posted speed limits.

Be cautious of high winds – Windy conditions adversely affect all vehicles, particularly high profile vehicles, such as buses and trucks, as well as smaller vehicles such as motorcycles. Gusty wind makes driving difficult, especially when it is rapidly changing in speed and direction.

Pay attention. – You may come up on an intersection that is no longer controlled by a functioning traffic control device. If a law enforcement officer is directing traffic, follow their directions. Otherwise, treat the intersection as you would treat an intersection governed by a four-way stop sign.

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Anonymous said...

What a shame when people are born without common sense.Do they really have to be told these things? Gee,I feel enlightened now that I've read this post.