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Friday, October 26, 2012



Voting for the candidates in this election is straight forward. 
But these important choices are only part of the ballot for voters in Maryland this year.  The 7 statewide ballot questions also represent significant issues that will impact the future of our state, and the language and wording may not be as easily understood.


To aid you in making decisions for these questions I encourage you to look at the sample ballot for your county and to read over the questions to make sure you understand them.  Click here for sample ballots!
Below I have also concisely outlined my recommendations for the ballot questions.
Requires Prince George’s County Orphans’ Court Judges to be lawyers in good standing.
Requires Baltimore County Orphans’ Court Judges to be lawyers in good standing.
QUESTION 3 - Recommend FOR
Constitutional amendment that speeds the removal of convicted elected officals.
Reduces tuition for illegal immigrants at public colleges and universities- the Dream Act.

Congressional districting plan imposes unfair boundaries influenced by partisan politics.

Redefines Civil Marriage Law to allow same-sex marriages.

Extensively expands gambling, adding a casino in Prince George’s County.

This is the first Presidential Election for which Marylanders can vote early.  Early voting runs from October 27th to November 1st.  With all the ballot questions it will likely take voters longer in the booth which will lead to long lines and crowds on election day.  VOTING EARLY IS A GREAT WAY TO AVOID THESE LINES AND ENSURE THAT YOU DO NOT FEEL RUSHED WHEN VOTE.  Click here for full early voting information and for early voting locations.


Anonymous said...

Exactly my vote..

Anonymous said...

Why on earth would you vote against expanded gamimg?

Anonymous said...

I don't think so....

Anonymous said...

If they want that money from gaming, it needs to be HARD coded to go only were the Pols are saying it is to go. But no, they want it to funnel to their pet projects and slave voters.

Anonymous said...

why would you not want judges to be lawyers in good standing?

Anonymous said...

Gary Johnson instead of Mitt. Why? If you live in any county besides Balt, PG, or Montgomery who carry the state and will vote Obama, then your vote for Mitt will show you support the Republican party instead of third parties. If the Big two Parties catch wind this time around that the Independent parties are garnering a significant voting base, then they may start acting like they work for the People instead of the other way around.

Anonymous said...

What about Questions A thru D?
I have no clue how the current law that D asks about, so therefore can't answer the question of whether or not to change it.

Any guidance out there?

Anonymous said...

11:15 the question involves the Orphan's Court and it's judges which is more historical name. The function is to supervise the handling of estates-with or without a will. The laws are clear so if a dispute does arise there isn't the room for interpretation as with other laws.
Vote against it. The law/legal profession already has a stranglehold over the criminal and civil courts no need for them to "rule" over this "court" also.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Anon 11:29, it's called the Internet!
As far as 10:42 Anon's question.
They're lying to you, AGAIN!
Money was supposed to go for schools (Education).
Where's the money?
It's in the pockets of the casino owners, that's where!
Vote should be NO to expanded gambling....follow the money!!!

Contributor said...

There was no really easy way to find all these questions in one place. I hope the links and information I did find helps you. Enjoy your day!

Question A

Question B
When filing a petition with the Board of Elections, residents will need to gather 20 percent of the number of voters who voted in the last presidential election or 10,000 people, whichever is fewer; not 15 percent of the registered voters in the county in the current charter. Those numbers will also apply to any proposed changes to the charter by a citizen petition.

Question C,%202012.htm

Question D

The county executive will be required to hold a public hearing on the capital improvement program and the expense budget. The county executive currently has the option of holding a public hearing or not.

Anonymous said...

12:05 PM
The law/legal profession already has a stranglehold over the criminal and civil courts

Are you suggesting they don't have a 'stranglehold' on the courts?

Who then should be in charge of legal matters? A dentist maybe?

I don't understand.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Contributor, for clearing that up! As for those arguing over the Orphan's court questions, I read them as follows:

Reading just from the text of the questions, it seems presently the orphan's court judges are not necessarily lawyers, but some may be lay people. Voting FOR this question seems to give all of them free Law Degrees WITHOUT GOING TO LAW SCHOOL AND PASSING A BAR EXAM! Jusr POOF! I'm a lawyer now, and can practice law in any courtroom I want!

So I'll vote no.

If there is another meaning to the text, then the questions are too ambiguous, and should be thrown out and asked in different language.

Anonymous said...

A vote FOR Question 4 (The dream act) extendes the time that honorably discharged VETERANS qualify for in-state tuition. Currently, if VETERANS are deployed or injured and are not able to get back to Maryland for a full year before enrolling in school, they have to pay out-of-state tuition rates (2 x the in-state rate). This question has more to do with how much universities can charge kids than anything else.