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Monday, October 29, 2012

This Gal's A Keeper

"ya might be a red-neck if"... My stepson, 
Steven Atkinson's fiancee, Kathy, 
decided they were hungry so, with power 
out in o.c., she boiled enough water with 
tea-lights (!)  to cook pasta! 
That's an Eastern Shore girl worth keepin'!


Anonymous said...

Really....with tea lights? She gets a lot of credit in my book. Wow!

Anonymous said...

OK, what is a tea light?

Anonymous said...

Woman are so resourceful and will figure out a way to feed their families.

Anonymous said...

She's a keeper!

Anonymous said...

Tea Lights are itty bitty candles about an inch tall, usually used a few at a time to create "ambience."

Clever girl to turn tea lights into Sterno, LOL!